Collaboration with Manchester artist Astarte Cara October 2023, part of celebrating Manchester & Chemnitz 40th Twinning, with exhibition in Wirkbau Chemnitz.
Researching for history of textile industry in Chemnitz and Ore Mountains and developing of a common concept.

„Textile Adventures in Ore Mountains – Textile Abenteuer im Erzgebirge“:

Astarte on Pöhlberg + laces from Annaberg, silvergelatine baryta print 70x100cm
exhibition in Wirkbau Chemnitz
Textile Adventures in Ore Mountains, sivergelatine prints 30x24cm
Astarte and punch cards from weaving mill
Astarte in broken mine in Geyer
Astarte and laces

„Forgotten Memories – Vergessene Erinnerungen“ about daily changing colors of river Kappelbach in Karl-Marx-Stadt in 70’s:

Forgotten Memories, diaphotodyelasur colors on silvergelatine baryta, 30x24cm

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