Galerie Born Berlin 2022

personal exhibition at GALERIE BORN Berlin

acrylic painting „Nausikaa“ 2019 and wall drawing „Geisterbahn“
acrylic painting „Polyxena“ 2019 and wall drawing „Geisterbahn“
Instax photographs 2018 and acrylic painting „Briseis“ 2019
acrylic paintings from series „Heroes“ 2019 and handcolored photographs „Johnny remember me“ 2020
handcolored and overpainted photographs 2018-2020 and acrylic paintings 2019
wall drawing and handcolored photograph „optimistisches Doppel“ 2019
acrylic painting „Widmung“ 2021 and overpainted photographs „Fernwirkung 5“ 2020 and „moderat renitent“ 2018
acrylic painting „Patroklos“ 2019 and Instax photographs 2018

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